What Is APA Style Referencing?


For any academic writing, there is usually a set style in which an individual or professional writing service should quote or paraphrase the work of other people. The guidelines about how to reference the work of another scholar, are detailed in a variety of referencing styles, one of which is the APA style. The APA style is the referencing style that was developed by the American Psychological Association and is applied worldwide in a wide variety of publications.
There are various rules that are prescribed to an individual or academic writing service intending to use the APA style for referencing. Though there are many variations as to the use of punctuation marks, the general guidelines remain unchanged. When you write a PhD thesis proposal, whether for yourself or if you are offering online dissertation writing, you should pay attention to the following APA style guidelines;
In text
For any academic writing, including PhD thesis proposal and literature reviews, each quotation from another individual’s work, whether directly quoted or paraphrased, should be followed by a reference to the author of the work. In APA style referencing, you usually indicate the author’s name, beginning with his/her surname, followed by the date of publication. For a fictional writer say James who wrote a publication about the effects of oil spillage on marine life in 2000, we would quote his work as either (James R., 2007) or James R. (2007). In the event of multiple authors in the reference it would be (James R. & Ruth F., 2007) or James R. and Ruth F. (2007). Note the use of “and” and the ampersand (&). When a specific page or paragraph is quoted, it would be (James R. & Ruth F., 2007; p. 76.) or (James R. & Ruth F., 2007; pp. 76.) The punctuation rules vary. In case of a specific paragraph it would be (James R. and Ruth F., 2007; pp. 76. Para 6). This is used mostly in the event of a direct quotation.
Reference list
The APA style of referencing mandates that an individual must write a list of references at the end of the publication. After you write a dissertation, you need to identify a list of references at the end. They should be arranged in alphabetical order, using the surname of the first order as indicated in the text. In the examples used above for instance, if James R. and Ruth F. were different authors, James R. and his publication would be indicated before that of Ruth F. Similarly, if in the in text references Ruth’s name came before James’ name, as in (Ruth F. & James R., 2007), then Ruth’s name would be used as the determinant for the alphabetical order in the reference list. The reference list publication is indicated as follows; Author(s), Date of Publication, Title of Publication, Source or Publisher.
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