What Is Harvard Style Referencing?


Referencing is mandatory in any academic writing to avoid plagiarism and to justify the credibility of your work, ideas and/or theories. There are many styles of referencing and they mostly vary very little, mostly in the publication indication and style guides as well as punctuations. The Harvard style of referencing is set in in text referencing and in the list of references at the end of the publication.

In text

Like most other referencing styles including the APA style, the Harvard style of referencing is an author and date in text referencing style. That means that for every publication that you quote or paraphrase within your PhD thesis proposal, you should indicate the author and the date of the publication. In the event that you have directly or indirectly quoted more than one phrase from different pages of the same publication within your work, you should indicate the page number of your quotations. For instance (William. 2000. p. 30 and p. 37), if the same idea applies or is explained in the pages or (William. 2000. p. 30) and then (William. 2000. p. 37), if you are indicating different citations. Remember to always ask for dissertation writing help from professional writing services or PhD dissertation services if you are unsure of how you should effectively reference your work in Harvard style referencing.

Reference list

Much like the APA style, the Harvard style of referencing also requires that an individual indicates in a list at the end of their dissertation, the references that have been used within the textual content of the dissertation. The reference list usually carries all the information necessary for anyone reading your dissertation, to track the source of the information and ascertain whether your information, assertions, ideas or theories are correct. According to the Harvard style of referencing, each reference should include the following information in the following order; The name(s) of the author(s) of the publication, the year of publication, the title of the publication as indicated in the publication itself, the edition of the publication (if it is not the 1st edition), the place where it was published and the name of the publisher. In the event that you are quoting from an edited version of a publication indicate first; the name(s) of the editor(s), the year of publication of the edited publication, the title of the edited publication, the edition of the publication, the place where it was published and the name of the publisher followed by the information on the original publication, both separated by a colon (:). The punctuations however, vary.

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