What You Need To Know About Report Writing In the UK


Besides the fact that report writing is part and parcel of earning an academic merit, and it must be written in a formal manner, how much do you know about it? Report writing is not similar to any other form of writing as strict guidelines ought to be followed.

In a university as well as in typical workplaces today require impeccable report writing skills, and that is not debatable. If you have ever written one or at best, seen a formal template, you will utterly concur with this excerpt. Even so, Projectsdeal offers a great collection of each of these and other aspects in a more comprehensive and detailed manner.

What Is A Report?

After a comprehensive study or research, there must be an official way of presenting the findings. A report, therefore, is that important document to present the factual information in a precise, concise, and impersonally, of course, following a structured manner.

Styling a Report

Whether in an academic institution or at the workplace, reports ought to be factual and not so stringent as far as the language and structure are concerned. A report should be devoid of those informal language’s aspects including use of colloquialism and slang terms besides contractions. Remember that it is an official document. It can be personal and friendly to make it readable, comprehensible, and free-flowing. Should it be styled to enhance its look?

While writing one, you must be as organized and detailed as possible, and it must be free of those redundant, meaningless and complex words and terms. The reader must quickly find the facts and understand them as it is basically a report and not a mere statement book. For that matter, a report comprises of several sections, each introduced by a heading.

In typical cases, a report can’t be longer than a 5-page document albeit it can be longer or shorter than that. Scientific and technical reports are known for their extended length, unlike the conventional ones. There is tons of vital information concerning Report writing in Projectsdeal and the good thing about them is that they are worth look.

An excellent Report ought to include the following parts.

  • The Main Section
  • The Introduction
  • The Title Page
  • A Conclusion
  • The Reference Page
  • Recommendations
  • Contents
  • Appendices

An Example Structure

In rare cases, you can include a section for the Executive Summary just to highlight everything therein, albeit in a brief manner. This part is a standalone, covering all that is contained within the document. All the other parts will then follow in their correct order and comprehensively showing what the report ought to serve.

With the introductory part being the ‘eye’ of the report, it must offer the purpose of the report, its background, what it strives to solve, and how the findings were collected. The main section can be likened to the report’s ‘flesh’ as it is the largest and perhaps the most relevant part of the entire document. If you can have a glance at Projectsdeal, you will notice that all the other parts are equally mandatory and in their correct order.


Typical reports fall into one of the two standard categories; Analytical Reports and Practical Reports. Irrespective of their nature, reports are vital, and with these report writing skills, you are bound to be among the elite both in and outside the school. It is thus practical to learn each of this information. You can visit Projectsdeal for an eye-opener.



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