How to Plan for PhD and Get It Faster


Most PhD students take time in finishing their PhD especially due to their dissertation. However, it is possible to plan for your PhD and get in a short while. While this may mean you need to endure long nights, to beat deadlines, you should look for a good strategy before you burnout. Most of the time taking the PhD journey could also mean you are juggling school with work and or even with family, for this reason, this can be a stressful time if not planned out properly. The alternative is taking many years to finish your doctoral studies something you should avoid. You should, however, be prepared to invest time and energy in PhD research proposal, actual researching, interpretation of your results writing your PhD thesis, publishing papers, and meeting deadlines among other tasks. For this reason you need a strategic plan that will help you reduce the stresses involved and complete it successful. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your PhD and get it faster:

  • Enroll in a suitable PhD program by researching which best fills your requirements and has a range of research options and is near your place of work or home for better convenience.
  • Plan your time properly based on the minimum time you can take to finish the study and train yourself on research skills that will come in handy during your dissertation.
  • Learn other skills such as writing a funding proposal, a research proposal and thesis among other skills that will help you out during your PhD journey.
  • Find a strong and respected mentor who will provide support and feedback during your study and especially during projects and researches that you will be required to undertake. Such mentors, advisors as well as professors are well experienced and will provide constructive criticisms and advice that will make your journey easier.
  • Record your progress to measure how far you have come as well as the remaining stretch of journey so that you are not overwhelmed by tasks.
  • Plan for your dissertation well in advance. Take research projects that are well oriented towards the kind of dissertation you would want to do.
  • Choose a dissertation topic that interests you or one you are passionate about if possible. In fact, keep it as narrow as possible.
  • Make your PhD proposal as clear, concise and useful as possible since it is challenging to write. This is because it sells and justifies the validity of your thesis.
  • Don’t be ashamed to seek dissertation help and other writing services whenever you feel you are too overwhelmed or you require the help. It can help you recover the time, energy and motivation needed to increase your productivity.



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