Challenges face by the students in dissertation writing


However as students start working on the dissertation writing process, they will meet some obvious challenges, and few of these are discussed further;

• Dissertation writing is a different process:

Students must keep in mind that dissertation writing is not the same as writing an essay, or any other sort of article work that they had done before. They are always confused about where to start. And among so many topics it becomes difficult for them to choose the best one for their research.

• Getting Access:

Gaining data access for primary research from organisations and people, become very challenging and time-consuming. The chances are, that first students get permission to access, and then suddenly their agreement gets rejected without knowing the reason.

• Learning new Techniques:

Dissertation process require learning of new techniques and skills even if you’ve written thousands of essays, articles, and literature reviews in the past. Dissertation writing is technically different and demands technical skills like research method chosen by the student either its interviews or focus group discussion, the software that they uses to update their research content by using modern statistics.

• Time pressure:

Dissertation writing along with other weekly assignments is always a tricky job. Students finds difficulty in managing the time. Even six months duration ends up with stressful period and sleepless nights. Remember data collection and writing process require a lot of time that students fail to realize at the start of the session.

• Financial Pressure:

Another challenge that students face while writing dissertation, is the financial burden. Proper research needs a lot of authentic data collection, and that involves travelling cost. However, nowadays most of the students have found a solution to this problem as they make online surveys, use online searching tools for collecting data.

How to Overcome Challenges in Dissertation Writing:

There are a few solutions suggested to students to overcome some common problems in dissertation writing. Such as;

• Narrow down research topic and find the purpose of your research.

• Set some research objectives of your dissertation.

• Do not risk taking things too broad

• Get some technical and academic support from experts whenever it is required.

• After collection of data do not sum up everything together. Go slowly and step by step focus on every aspect of your research problem.

• Set time goals, schedule your study plans otherwise all the due dates of your assignments and dissertation will be bombarded on you in the end.

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