Things to keep in mind while writing dissertation proposal


Those of you that are expected to develop your own proposal for a dissertation or project should try to follow these four MORI principles: Manageable: your dissertation topic must be sufficiently focused so that it is possible for you to do the topic justice within the available word count. You may have a real interest in, say, ‘the impact of global capitalism upon the world environment during the 20th Century’, but you certainly won’t be able to cover this topic in any detail in the space of 8 – 10 thousand words!

Original: this relates to the above point, since a topic that is focused and manageable is more likely to be one that has not been written about too extensively, thus leaving room for your original contribution. Ideally you will find an interesting and well-chosen topic which will impress those marking your work.

Relevant: your project should clearly be relevant to some aspect of your studies, but it might also be relevant to your plans for, say, postgraduate study or a career. The dissertation may also be relevant in the sense that it plays to some of your established strengths, such as a particular unit or topic that you have enjoyed studying and in which you have previously done well.

Interesting: you are obviously more likely to enjoy and be successful in your dissertation if it is of real interest to you and to those marking your work. Ask yourself if you are sufficiently committed to your idea to be able to give it your best throughout the duration of your project. You should also ascertain whether your supervisor finds the idea interesting during your initial discussions with her or him.

Those of you undertaking analysis of quantitative data must similarly ensure that you adhere to the methodological requirements expected within your academic discipline and that you utilise the appropriate software. You must satisfy yourself as to these requirements within your subject area.

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