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Let’s face it, not every student, either undergraduate or a post-graduate would fancy creating that award-winning dissertation out of scratch. In fact, there’s nothing as dreadful for a student as when they are writing this important paper that essentially marks the peak of the college and university education. If you are among the lazy lot and finding it hard trying to locate a dissertation template, worry no more thank to Projectsdeal.

The leading global universities and colleges frequently release the best dissertations after each academic year. In fact, UK’s Bristol University’s official website and the prestigious Leeds University Library portal have a handsome number of these important documents. Not far from these, a simple query in most of the leading search engines will reveal mammoth locations to get these manuscripts at no cost.

Download Sites and Portals

Having been rack-sacking and sampling the internet for the award-winning ones, I must admit that not all that glitters is gold. However, according to Projectsdeal, the tried and tested locations encompass the following.

  1. The University of Wales for instance ceased offering free dissertations and only requires one to make an official request at any of their collaborative centers for one. Whether you are searching for an undergraduate or a postgraduate research project, exercising keenness and patience is the key. That said, the most likely locations to get a free sample of these vital papers include the following.
  2. Since 2009, Bristol University has been annually publishing the best of the best dissertations written and submitted by their undergraduate students. As a way of nurturing innovation and originality, they award the winner besides making the winning essay free for all. Other UK’s leading academic institutions who provide these documents free for all include Leeds University, Cardiff University, and the University of Sheffield among many other institutions.
  3. In as much as the University of Wales ceased the practice, if you are looking for a good number of them, you can as well try the British Library’s E-theses Service. The facility is the ‘single point of access’ of the UK’s finest dissertations. If the British theses don’t appeal to you, DART-Europe will certainly amaze you. As an online portal set exclusively for dissertations, its array comprise the best from universities in 19 European states.
  4. Another excellent source of dissertations in the UK is the large essay and dissertation firm, the Projectsdeal. For ages, this organization has been churning out some prized dissertations and it is by far a one-stop-shop for enthusiastic academicians. It is important to mention that their samples aren’t free after all.


Writing a dissertation is an entirely tiring endeavour, consuming weeks and even months of your school academic calendar. Starting from scratch is even more tiring if you have no example. Thankfully, with a whole host of resources offered at Projectsdeal, the burden can be substantially eased. They are cheaper and have a reputation of constantly churning out top quality essays.



Common Dissertation Research Method


Should you go for qualitative or quantitative? Which one is the most fulfilling? When tackling a dissertation, many students often dread the critical stage of doing the mandatory research. Experts will confirm that the way you approach the question can have a profound effect on the way your dissertation will appear. The cornerstone of a Ph.D. program is a doctoral research, meaning that extensive research is part and parcel of the entire procedure.

Academia technocrats are known for their varied views regarding the whole aspect of the most appropriate research methods. Literature and case studies accompany the merits of a primary research albeit the benefits are debatable. Are you fond of statistics? If you fancy large complex calculations, the potential advantages of a quantitative approach ought to be considered. Equally similar, conducting a qualitative research is bound to yield some valuable data. However, which one is far much better for your dissertation?

Which Route?

Depending on the question, the best course is highly influenced by what you are attempting to uncover. Reputable firms like Projectsdeal frequently underline the fact that research must be started earlier enough as the whole process is not just tiring but also synonymous with errors and late submissions. There are two known dissertation research methods; Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research.

Qualitative Research

Examining the topic via cultural phenomena, underlying beliefs, and human behaviour encompass qualitative research. Interviews, open-ended queries, and insights aimed at understanding people’s views dominate this method of dissertation research. In fact, case studies match well with qualitative research because of the freedom to incorporate multiple data sources.

A generic qualitative inquiry is another common form of qualitative research as it is a feedback-oriented approach. Finally, phenology is the most complicated of the three as it entails using past experiences to gauge the future. If there was a deadly earthquake in Japan in 2006, what is the chance that it will occur again soon? It is not for the faint-hearted.

Quantitative Research

Unlike the former, qualitative research entails detailed empirical investigation of all measurable and observable factors. Statistical analyses to determine the relationship between variable, theory testing and outcome prediction are the three core aspects of this type of dissertation research. Quantitative research is quite broad and sophisticated.

Primary data collection as it is done by the researcher with a sizeable number of assistants necessitates data collection either quantitative data or manually. The researcher in the field is free to set his parameters and the scope of the data collection procedure provided that he meets his targets. However, variables are measured and ascertained using pervasive instruments whose reliability and validity is unquestionable.

After data collection, secondary analysis of the collected data follows.  Many free and publicly available enormous and funded research projects and data repositories make up a bigger percentage of this level of Quantitative research. For a dissertation researcher, this is actually the critical part as time is saved since fieldwork can be ignored altogether.


Before contacting Projectsdeal for a complete dissertation research activity, it is imperative to mention that despite the complexity of the two methods, the questions are the determinants of the most appropriate route. Other factors include the field of research, feasibility, and the population of interest. The parting shot, nevertheless, is that a dissertation is an on-going learning process.





How to do APA style referencing – Easy Steps


You’ve chosen your dissertation topic, but you’re wondering how to acknowledge the ideas of others you’ve used to support your position? One way to do so is via referencing all the sources you’ve cited at the end of your text. APA, or American Psychological Association, style is the most commonly used referencing styles to cite sources within the psychological and social sciences. If you need a bit of help with your dissertation, here‘s how you can master APA referencing.

  1. Citing a book

If you’re citing a book, for instance, you’d need to write the author’s last name, followed by a comma and their first initial. Put the year in brackets, followed by the name of the book, full stop, and the city where the book was published. No titles or degrees should be included and in case they’re multiple authors, you should list them all in the same format:

Smith, J. (2010) How to do APA referencing. London: Random Publishing House
  1. Citing a journal article

If you’re citing a journal article, you should generally follow the same outline. The only difference is that the name of the journal should be italicized, and every important word needs to be capitalized. Finish the reference by including the journal’s volume and issue number (if there are such), followed by the page numbers, on which the article appears.

Smith, J. (2014) How to cite journals according to APA. APA for students, 3(5), 58-73.
  1. Citing a web document or page

Finally, if you’re referencing a page or document you found online, you need to cite the author’s last name, initial, date of publication in parenthesis, as well as the title of the article in italics. Include the words “retrieved from”. Never finish the reference with a period.

Smith, J. (2016) Why use APA citation. Retrieved from

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Want to get the Best Essay Writing Services? This is how.


You cannot avoid essays now that you are doing your degree at the university but you can get dissertation writing help to guide you on what you are expected to do. Having someone who has an idea of what a dissertation is supposed to achieve, will make your life a lot easier. You may want to hire partial help for writing a dissertation so that you are still able to articulate the content better though it is often less straining to outsource the whole process. Knowing too well that your college degree will mean nothing without the essays papers, it is important to have confidence in the person or team that is writing for you. There are many essays writing services on the web and it is not always guaranteed that they will deliver as per what they promise. To make sure that you have access to the best team working for you, here are a few pointers in the right direction.

  1. Ask around

If a service is as good as they claim to be, then they must have people who can vouch for them. Saying that you are best dissertation writer only draws attention to know more but it is the work that has been done previously that speaks louder. Word of mouth is by far the greatest maker and breaker of any business. Your fellow students may have hired the services of the provider you want to hire or know someone who has. If they say they were satisfied with the work, then chances are that you will be too.

  1. Request a sample

You have the right to see the kind of work you are paying for even before you engage the services of an essay writer. An essay writer who has been in the business for a long time will not even wait for you to make a request to, they will suggest it to you.

  1. Search for reviews

The internet has a lot of both negative and positive information about people, companies, products and services in every field. Before you settle for an essay writer for writing a dissertation, make a stop at a search engine and search for as many reviews as you can. All manner of feedback about a certain service provider is available for scrutiny on the internet. Unless otherwise, the trend that a company has set in past projects will be replicated in present and future work they do.

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Reasons You Might Want To Consider Buying Dissertations Online


A dissertation is a very important paper that can either make or break you. It therefore holds true that you have to give it your very best and your all. Due to various factors however, you may not make it to write a great dissertation. Luckily, there are professionals such as the guys over at to whom you can outsource your dissertation. While many people may frown on the idea of hiring online help to write a dissertation, there is a large number of reasons that are actually quite compelling for you to buy a dissertation and these include;

Time limitations

Sometimes you receive a thesis that is far too complex and tasking for you to complete in the specified time. It then becomes a wise move to have it done by an online professional. While it may be your first time writing the paper, the professional you hire has countless exposure and experience making it very easy for him/her to meet your deadline.


Every dissertation comes with a different referencing style depending on your teacher. You are therefore required to follow the guidelines of the specified referencing style while writing the thesis. While you may be stuck asking what is APA style referencing? or what is Harvard style referencing? the online professional is well versed and experienced in the same. The logical idea would be therefore to buy your dissertation online.


Research for a thesis is a very complex and demanding process that entails a lot of details. An online professional knows exactly where to get the content, that is, in journals, online sources, past papers among others. Most importantly, the online help you hire will most definitely take off the load of having to roam through countless libraries and data sources to look for information.


Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of other people’s information without permission or so much as an acknowledgement. It is very damaging for you if your paper is found to have plagiarized content and it could cost you your reputation and credit, not to mention, disciplinary action might involve the repetition of the whole course unit. A professional is in a better position to handle the work without risk of plagiarism. Besides, the hired professional has tools of detecting instances of plagiarism and knows how to handle it without re-writing the whole paper.


Hiring professional help in writing your thesis or dissertation does not mean that you are incapable, it just means you are smart enough to know the secret to writing a great thesis.

How to Purchase a Dissertation Online At


If you’ve heard of Projectsdeal then you are definitely on the right track with getting professional coursework writing assistance. The procedure for getting the work from them is quite easy and just goes to show how great a resource the site is. You should know that you are absolutely guaranteed of getting quality service and having little or no problems. If you have a problem with your work, for instance if by an unlikely chance you are not satisfied with it, you can have them do a revision that they will not charge you for.

They have a great track record and have done quite a number of coursework projects. The statistics for all this information and more can be found at the site. You can check their review and know about the customer response to their work, which you most definitely won’t be disappointed in.

To get coursework writing services from them, the first thing would be to go to their site through this link: You will then be directed to their sales landing page where you will get a calculator. Following the set parameters, you can use the calculator to estimate the cost of your coursework. You will then see a series of contact details all of which you can use to get the work without delays. A lot of online payment methods are supported as well.

Later, when you get your project done, you can use these guidelines as a checklist to know if the work was done to the specified and expected standards.

Aside from that there is also an option for purchasing a dissertation or other coursework through the blog. Just click on the “Buy dissertation” link and you will be directed to a web page with all the resources available, including a calculator. The blog also has a range of coursework categories from which you can select and view.

Navigation is quite easy and everything is laid out in a clear and logical format. The contact support is there to help you out if you run into any technical trouble or if you have a problem getting to make the purchase. Of course, I would expect that after getting great work from them, you’d go back and give them a good review to help out the next guy who’s looking for help with coursework.

You can visit and use calculator online.

Contracting Dissertation Writing Services Online


A lot of people want to get dissertation writing services. However, due to bad publicity and misinformation, most of you think that getting your dissertation written through an online professional is a reap off and that you will get low quality work. You could never be more wrong.

Online dissertation writing services are not all there to steal your money and give you low quality work. Granted, there are a few bad apples in the market whose only goal is to make money off you. But that does not mean that the whole apple tree is bad and that every last online coursework writing professional is out to get you.

Contracting online dissertation writing services from a professional is no different than making an online purchase on I mean, really, what are the odds of coming across a bad professional in a market that is filled with great writers? Remember that, just because someone else had a bad experience outsourcing coursework online, does not mean that you will have the same fate.

The online world of coursework writing is professional, convenient and greatly to your benefit. You don’t go through any hassle in buying dissertation online, you just have to click through your keyboard and be done in a matter of minutes.

They have valued service and are well equipped with the most qualified professionals to handle your work. Assuming that we took the word of someone who encountered a bad writer, then we would discredit such sites as without actual consideration to their work ethic and quality assurance standards.

Granted, maybe it is okay to be skeptical about online work sometimes, you never know who might be on the other end. But if there is absolute transparency  between yourself and your hired professional, then I see no reason for you to be weary of contracting online writing services.

Online based writing services are not perfect, do not get me wrong. They are prone to making mistakes just like all other writing services offered online. A good writing service will however be ready and willing to correct their mistakes and even revise the work to the specifications that you give them.

An online coursework writing service offers you the same exact service you would get offline but at a cheaper price and with more convenience and ease. You don’t even need three or four sites, just one is enough to handle all your coursework needs.



Where To Find References For Literature Review


When you write a dissertation, or even in the event that you hire essay writers to do it for you, a literature review always has to be included in it. A literature review is a part of the dissertation that details all the previous work done on the topic by various other researchers, what they missed in their dissertations and what they may have done wrong. It is always important that in the literature review of your PhD thesis proposal, is included a number of references that back up your mention of other authors and their work.

There are various places and/or methods that you or your academic writing services can use to find a list of appropriate references for your literature review including;


Journals incorporate various research topics on a certain subject. To write a dissertation complete with some of the best and credible references in your or you academic writing services’ literature review, you or your thesis writing service have to go through various journals detailing various works, topics and points of view on your subject for your PhD thesis proposal.

The references of your references

Usually as you write a dissertation, or if you hire essay writers to do it for you, reading on various publications to get a deeper and in depth view on your work, is a must. Often times, you or your thesis writing service will find that even the individuals who wrote those publications, who automatically become your references if and when you cite their work, used or quoted ideas from the work of others. You or your hired academic writing services can then use these other references as the references for your literature review in your PhD thesis proposal or academic coursework.

Electronic data sources

There has been a high growth rate of the usage and credibility of electronic media as data sources in academic work. The ease of application, most especially, is what has made electronic data sources such as online websites and web pages, videos, images and such, famous around academic writing research circles. To get references for your literature review, you or your thesis writing service can employ the use if various electronic data sources. It is as easy as logging into a search engine’s page and typing in your subject then going through the various results sifting through the most credible works. Obviously, in the event that you hire essay writers, or even do the academic coursework yourself, you have to take into account the fact that not all the information you might find online is credible so you or your hired academic writing services, have to pay attention to the value of the work and its credibility especially, if it is intended to be used as a reference for your literature review.

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Why Outsource Your Dissertation From Industry Experts?


Most people today offer PhD thesis writing services and an even greater number of people do that online. Students and researchers are becoming very fond of these professional writing services and you will find a lot of people asking to have their dissertations written by these professional. Some are however reluctant of outsourcing their PhD thesis proposal to or from industry experts. There are however many reasons and benefits to that effect including;

Quality work

Many people are skeptical of professional writing services because they are afraid of having their work looking similar to another person’s work. When you hire essay writers however, there is a 90% guarantee that your PhD thesis proposal will not be similar to another’s since professional writing services offer custom essay writing, that is, writing that is tailored specifically for you. With the utilization of plagiarism detection tools you can be sure that they will write a dissertation especially structured for you and your topic. (You can attribute the remaining 10% to shared references)


Mostly the period for writing a dissertation is determined by the teachers or lecturers. For an individual that has never written a PhD thesis proposal, the time may seem like an extremely short period. Outsourcing the work to PhD thesis writing services on the other hand guarantees that you will most definitely receive your dissertation before time. You even have time to go through it, indicate corrections and resubmit it to the professional writing service. That is the advantage that online dissertation writing offers you over individual effort.

Experience and expertise

Apart from custom essay writing, a PhD thesis writing service offers you something greater. It is impossible to get experience as you write a dissertation, if you only do it once. When you hire essay writers however, your PhD thesis proposal comes coupled with experience. These writers usually know what is expected, the best way to utilize the set referencing style, how and where to find references and most importantly, how to give you high quality work. Hiring online dissertation writing services is therefore a great option for you.

To get the best dissertation writer, for your dissertation, or just to get in touch with a PhD thesis writing service to ask them question or inquire about the services offered, visit They are the best in the market, outsourcing their services to over four countries including Australia and the U.S. They have a great track record and amazing rates that will guarantee that you get the very best out of online dissertation writing.

Five Major parts of a Dissertation Methodology


In thesis writing circles, methodology refers to the broad perspective that under-girds your chosen research methods. It is what compels you to make a decision on whether to use qualitative or quantitative methods or a mixture of both and why. To write a captivating methodology you need to be guided by proper academic reasons that go beyond a mere hunch.

What to Include 

If you are to submit your methodology before you undertake the research then you have to clearly explain what you are planning to execute. The methodology you settle on, has to be linked back to the literature review, for the purpose of explaining why you rely on certain research methods.

In it you also have to state the academic reason behind it. If your research is submitted as a single thesis, then the methodology segment should spell out what you did, including any adjustments made along the way.  According to dissertation writing pros, these are the five different aspects to consider when you are handling methodology.

  • The research problem and approach. Since it comes immediately after the literature review, the methodology should have a brief recap of the research questions you set out to tackle. Through it, you should also give an overview of the methodological aspects, including sampling issues, justification, interpretation and rationale.
  • Weighing the precedence and reproducibility No one is an authority unto themselves. In the process of literature review, identify the most apt methodological design that is in use and adopt it. This gives your work credibility and consistency with the rest of the available literature. It is also the hallmark of a good thesis to avail rationale, techniques and limitations of the research for those who would want to rely or challenge its findings.
  • The rationale and justification. It takes a critical review of the methodological approaches available to decide which one is the most appropriate. Be helpful and tell your peers why you chose that methodology in the first place. You need rigour and veracity when you set out to rely on methodological approaches that are not in line with the most commonly used ones.
  • The sampling and relevance .The points of dissent, possible errors, statistical significance and accuracy are some of the issues that come up in the methodology phase of research. These aspects have to be well taken care of, since they raise critical issues regarding the reliability of the research conducted. In addition sampling has such a huge relevance and importance on the statistical significance that it ought to be keenly minded when you are designing this part.
  • Generalizations and Appendix .Basically, outcomes that have general significance outside their data and empirical sets tend to have greater utility and persuasiveness in public circles. Always keep this in mind as you design your methodology. Similarly every other content that is useful, yet it is not essential to the methodology should be placed at the appendix section.

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