What You Need To Know About Report Writing In the UK


Besides the fact that report writing is part and parcel of earning an academic merit, and it must be written in a formal manner, how much do you know about it? Report writing is not similar to any other form of writing as strict guidelines ought to be followed.

In a university as well as in typical workplaces today require impeccable report writing skills, and that is not debatable. If you have ever written one or at best, seen a formal template, you will utterly concur with this excerpt. Even so, Projectsdeal offers a great collection of each of these and other aspects in a more comprehensive and detailed manner.

What Is A Report?

After a comprehensive study or research, there must be an official way of presenting the findings. A report, therefore, is that important document to present the factual information in a precise, concise, and impersonally, of course, following a structured manner.

Styling a Report

Whether in an academic institution or at the workplace, reports ought to be factual and not so stringent as far as the language and structure are concerned. A report should be devoid of those informal language’s aspects including use of colloquialism and slang terms besides contractions. Remember that it is an official document. It can be personal and friendly to make it readable, comprehensible, and free-flowing. Should it be styled to enhance its look?

While writing one, you must be as organized and detailed as possible, and it must be free of those redundant, meaningless and complex words and terms. The reader must quickly find the facts and understand them as it is basically a report and not a mere statement book. For that matter, a report comprises of several sections, each introduced by a heading.

In typical cases, a report can’t be longer than a 5-page document albeit it can be longer or shorter than that. Scientific and technical reports are known for their extended length, unlike the conventional ones. There is tons of vital information concerning Report writing in Projectsdeal and the good thing about them is that they are worth look.

An excellent Report ought to include the following parts.

  • The Main Section
  • The Introduction
  • The Title Page
  • A Conclusion
  • The Reference Page
  • Recommendations
  • Contents
  • Appendices

An Example Structure

In rare cases, you can include a section for the Executive Summary just to highlight everything therein, albeit in a brief manner. This part is a standalone, covering all that is contained within the document. All the other parts will then follow in their correct order and comprehensively showing what the report ought to serve.

With the introductory part being the ‘eye’ of the report, it must offer the purpose of the report, its background, what it strives to solve, and how the findings were collected. The main section can be likened to the report’s ‘flesh’ as it is the largest and perhaps the most relevant part of the entire document. If you can have a glance at Projectsdeal, you will notice that all the other parts are equally mandatory and in their correct order.


Typical reports fall into one of the two standard categories; Analytical Reports and Practical Reports. Irrespective of their nature, reports are vital, and with these report writing skills, you are bound to be among the elite both in and outside the school. It is thus practical to learn each of this information. You can visit Projectsdeal for an eye-opener.



Proofreading common Academic Works


In the university, essays, dissertations, reports, assignments, and other academic paraphernalia are part and parcel of a student’s academic growth and excellence. Besides being top-quality enough to warrant an accolade, they must be error-free, flawless, and comprehensive. To achieve all these and further enhance the work’s quality, proofreading is one prominent aspect that one must always consider.

Just recently, several mainstream media agencies published reports of several students seeking the services of experienced individuals for professional proofreading services. While many eyebrows were raised, it is unsurprising for any ardent academics given the unrelenting pursuit of success. The UK is known across the globe for not just its fair share of the state-of-the-art educational institutions but also a plethora of brilliant minds.

Why the Proofreading is essential

All academic papers used to gauge and probably award the excellent are among the invaluable aspects that describe an astute student. Is the search for professional proofreading services justifiable? Absolutely yes, in fact, it should have occurred along with the meteoric rise of the academic levels many years ago.

The quality of your tasks, as well as the level of your understanding, can clearly be replicated by the submitted assignments, dissertations, essays or reports. Projectsdeal is a unique entity specifically dealing in all that pertains academic services, simply highlighting the level of prominence this art as grown.

Not far from that, proofreading of academic work can’t be equated to cheating as the work is just considered polishing to make it flawless. You can imagine the time saved and the hassles evaded just by hiring qualified proofreading professionals. The rates are enticing, and quality is never debatable.

As a brilliant student, petty grammatical mistakes and blatant plagiarism can immensely taint an otherwise great image.  Thankfully, expert proofreaders are trained and experienced with hawk-eye precision to combine their prowess and an array of excellent proofreading and essay checking tools. If you have ever tried their services, then you will readily approve their services.

Proofreading is essential, it is affordable, proven and if done by an adept, the outcome can simply be described as phenomenal. Native speakers of English as well as foreigners understand all these factors. Additionally, enrolling a firm means all the paramount factors including timely delivery and adherence to all syntax and diction are guaranteed.

There are a lot of services that collectively fit in this simple, but highly important task. You can get an insider and hopefully land an opportunity by simply visiting Projectsdeal as they are an entity boasting of a record number of visitors eager to be in the know as well.

The Parting Shot

Apparently, getting the experts is a matter of referrals and, of course, the internet. The former is obviously an easy one, unlike spending hours rack-sacking the internet for a viable individual or a renowned firm. The rates notwithstanding, professional proofreading services are a way to go, at least according to the current generation.

Visit Projectsdeal for more information concerning academic tasks and their corresponding proofreading services today. You will indeed land a deal equivalent to your educational efforts.



How to Write a Dissertation Proposal


While at the University, the peak of your mission will be highlighted by a research project. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate, writing a dissertation is the single most important assignment that you will ever undertake. It is frequently used as the key indicator of your capabilities as a student and a researcher. While a dissertation must adhere with all the fundamentals of academic writing to be valid and acceptable, it is true that a dissertation proposal sets the stage for its drafting.

What Is Dissertation Proposal?

As a vital step en-route writing your final dissertation, a proposal mainly explains what you plan to study and practically how you will go about it. Like a road map, it helps the student make a definite plan as it resembles a table of contents, explaining everything albeit in brief. It is critical to mention that while drafting a dissertation proposal, you aren’t required to have everything set exactly as you will do the project.

It is just a guide to where you are headed, probable pitfalls, all the research tools, and potential outcomes if at all everything will go as planned. Remember that you are allowed to alter one or two while doing the actual research. A question so common though simple is how do you write a dissertation proposal? According to Projectsdeal, a perfect dissertation proposal encompass the following.

Contents of a Dissertation Proposal

When you sit down to write a dissertation proposal, it is highly important to think out your topic so that no important aspect is left out. With an aim of covering every little bit of the dissertation, the way you will approach the proposal will play a crucial role in the outcome of the project. That said, there are a couple of contents that are pervasive as far as writing a dissertation proposal is concerned. Irrespective of the structure as well as the word length, the following are mandatory of your proposal.

The Dissertation’s Title

Frequently straightforward and concise, it is perhaps the title of the research project. Remember that the title is the identifier and must be direct to the point.

  1. The Introduction

This part states your core research questions and all the important background facts throughout the procedure. At this stage, you are free to relate contextually to any matter surrounding the project beforehand.

  1. Aims and Objectives

This is straightforward; what you want to achieve and your predicted results. Some institutions might require you to state your rationale at this particular point.

  1. Methodology

Empirical or non-empirical; will you go to the field to collect data or just use already existing research and publications?

  1. Literature Review

You can introduce any existing theories using a descriptive writing approach

  1. Scope of the Dissertation and Expected Constraints
  2. Resources

List all your expected sources of your data

  1. Timetable

How you plan to complete the project research including all the dates and their respective jobs

  1. References

This part acknowledges all your sources of information, and you must cite each of them.

For assistance, a query, or any burning issue, Projectsdeal is your reliable partner.










Where You Can Get Dissertation Examples


Let’s face it, not every student, either undergraduate or a post-graduate would fancy creating that award-winning dissertation out of scratch. In fact, there’s nothing as dreadful for a student as when they are writing this important paper that essentially marks the peak of the college and university education. If you are among the lazy lot and finding it hard trying to locate a dissertation template, worry no more thank to Projectsdeal.

The leading global universities and colleges frequently release the best dissertations after each academic year. In fact, UK’s Bristol University’s official website and the prestigious Leeds University Library portal have a handsome number of these important documents. Not far from these, a simple query in most of the leading search engines will reveal mammoth locations to get these manuscripts at no cost.

Download Sites and Portals

Having been rack-sacking and sampling the internet for the award-winning ones, I must admit that not all that glitters is gold. However, according to Projectsdeal, the tried and tested locations encompass the following.

  1. The University of Wales for instance ceased offering free dissertations and only requires one to make an official request at any of their collaborative centers for one. Whether you are searching for an undergraduate or a postgraduate research project, exercising keenness and patience is the key. That said, the most likely locations to get a free sample of these vital papers include the following.
  2. Since 2009, Bristol University has been annually publishing the best of the best dissertations written and submitted by their undergraduate students. As a way of nurturing innovation and originality, they award the winner besides making the winning essay free for all. Other UK’s leading academic institutions who provide these documents free for all include Leeds University, Cardiff University, and the University of Sheffield among many other institutions.
  3. In as much as the University of Wales ceased the practice, if you are looking for a good number of them, you can as well try the British Library’s E-theses Service. The facility is the ‘single point of access’ of the UK’s finest dissertations. If the British theses don’t appeal to you, DART-Europe will certainly amaze you. As an online portal set exclusively for dissertations, its array comprise the best from universities in 19 European states.
  4. Another excellent source of dissertations in the UK is the large essay and dissertation firm, the Projectsdeal. For ages, this organization has been churning out some prized dissertations and it is by far a one-stop-shop for enthusiastic academicians. It is important to mention that their samples aren’t free after all.


Writing a dissertation is an entirely tiring endeavour, consuming weeks and even months of your school academic calendar. Starting from scratch is even more tiring if you have no example. Thankfully, with a whole host of resources offered at Projectsdeal, the burden can be substantially eased. They are cheaper and have a reputation of constantly churning out top quality essays.



The Essentials of an Excellent Academic Essay


Are you a student learning to craft out an award-winning academic essay? Before going any further, you must bear in mind that the ability to consistently come up with cutting-edge, coherent, and concise ideas and turning them into arguments is a skill that’s acquired, but not learnt. As a wordsmith, your essay should persuade the reader based on the evidence beforehand. Remember that academic articles are purely factual information. With that, what are the essential of a great academic essay?

Projectsdeal is a reputable academic essays firm that boasts of a team of skilled essay writers. As such, they have a reputation for writing some of the most prized pieces. A sneak preview of typical features of their valued essays reveals the following information.

The Introduction

The first part or the Introduction lets the reader understand what the essay is all about. It is the essay’s context or simply the frame within which you approach the theme of the piece. From a question to elicit the aura of the underlying theme to a thought-provoking statement, the introduction should be made to attract the eyes and ears of the reader. Naturally, the introductory part depends on the individual’s signature style of ‘attacking’ the topic.

The Focus

Far from introducing the subject, you can go ahead and keep the readers of what the essay attempts to show. From the question you had posed earlier, your idea ought to be the solution as you gradually bring the concept into focus. Furthermore, experienced essay writers often introduce another question at this point and immediately suggest an answer that the essay will argue as the reader continues. Remember that your strength lies in keeping the reader engrossed up to the very end of the article. It can be detrimental to make the entire topic absurd or complicated as the reader might not understand your idea, rendering the point useless. That said, keep your thoughts focused while making the article interesting.

Orient the Reader

Besides the introduction, orienting the reader is highly significant. Projectsdeal often use this part to provide relevant, factual, and well-researched information to the reader to enhance further understanding. Almost similar to answering the questions involving how, why, what, where, and when, supplying all the necessary information albeit a small excerpt to depict a brief overview can be perfect.

Length and Order

An academic essay can be likened to a linear flow of ideas meaning that the duration of the introduction and the body can’t be pre-defined. The length and complexity of the essay frequently define the page numbers. A five-page article analysing a single idea can start with a two paragraph introduction and larger in the case of a longer and more complicated theme.

Must the beginning follow a pre-set order? No, but the logic in the ideas must be free-flowing and coherent. The topic and the context are intertwined albeit the former can appear before the latter.

The Opening

As earlier stated, the introduction is important, and its importance can be highlighted even further a random fact, an anecdote, a quote, a query or just an image.  Projectsdeal are particularly experienced here, using a simple introduction to bring the reader’s expectations even closer.

Once done with the essay, testing your thoughts against the evidence will offer a clearer focus for the article. Clear and direct essays are seldom a result of one-off, rather a result of multiple polishing. For all your queries pertaining academic articles of any class, order or magnitude, Projectsdeal are your valued partners.

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How to write an A+ Research Paper


What is a research paper? Whenever this phrase is mentioned, it is almost a sure bet that your mind is right now running a series of the most probable sources of information. Books, journals, artworks, online publications, etc., they all contain an immense supply of the vital information used in writing a research paper. But, again what is an A+ Research paper?

A simple research paper is purely a collection of your sources, greater than merely putting together different pieces of information, and more than just a review in any given field. According to Projectsdeal, a research paper should comprehensively analyse and argue to a point. Should the paper offer a blend of your original thoughts and factual evidence? Confident ideologies will only be valid if the supporting evidence is real and comprehensible.

That said, the following procedure entails writing a prized research paper.

Choose a topic that interests and challenges you so that while arguing your facts, your basis will be seamless. After getting that interesting topic, you can seek your teacher’s approval. After that, embark on a full-scale research while analysing the subject from all angles.

Gather as many information as your sources can accommodate. If your source of information is the internet, such sites ending with org, gov, edu, and other reputable sites ought to be your mine. Thorough research will be as fulfilling as getting that elusive grade in your final paper.

State your thesis or your stand. Remember that your thesis statement is akin to your belief or the point that you will strive to justify. Some of the expected points will support as well as critique the thesis statement.

Come up with a tentative statement to guide all the following points and set the stage for discussion.

  1. In a hierarchical manner, organise your thoughts as notes. Supporting and criticising ought to start with those points with immense weight. Your starting points can be factual, up-to-date, accurate, and from credible sources. You will mess everything and render the whole piece useless if you introduce redundant, pointless, and empty points. Plagiarism is definitely not debatable at this point and all foreign important sources must be correctly cited.
  2. Write the first draft using the technique that best fits you. Projectsdeal advises summarizing, paraphrasing or even quoting any vital sources to add more flavor and make it interesting, vivid, and compelling. Similarly, you can indicate any signs to areas that require editing to enhance the understanding the ideas.
  3. Revise the draft severally to make its professional. Remember that you are preparing an A+ Research paper and thus even multiple revisions are fine. You are free to add or remove any parts while polishing it. One proven way of revision is perhaps using a checklist. The checklist can appear to answer simple questions including the paper’s structure, the content, if all the guidelines are argued correctly, etc.
  4. Finally type the final version confident that it is error-free and is of acceptable quality. A wise student will have it ready at least a day or two before the deadline of submission.

As an expert in writing research papers, you can be certain of a refined paper with Projectsdeal. Contact them for a work with no match.







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Common Dissertation Research Method


Should you go for qualitative or quantitative? Which one is the most fulfilling? When tackling a dissertation, many students often dread the critical stage of doing the mandatory research. Experts will confirm that the way you approach the question can have a profound effect on the way your dissertation will appear. The cornerstone of a Ph.D. program is a doctoral research, meaning that extensive research is part and parcel of the entire procedure.

Academia technocrats are known for their varied views regarding the whole aspect of the most appropriate research methods. Literature and case studies accompany the merits of a primary research albeit the benefits are debatable. Are you fond of statistics? If you fancy large complex calculations, the potential advantages of a quantitative approach ought to be considered. Equally similar, conducting a qualitative research is bound to yield some valuable data. However, which one is far much better for your dissertation?

Which Route?

Depending on the question, the best course is highly influenced by what you are attempting to uncover. Reputable firms like Projectsdeal frequently underline the fact that research must be started earlier enough as the whole process is not just tiring but also synonymous with errors and late submissions. There are two known dissertation research methods; Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research.

Qualitative Research

Examining the topic via cultural phenomena, underlying beliefs, and human behaviour encompass qualitative research. Interviews, open-ended queries, and insights aimed at understanding people’s views dominate this method of dissertation research. In fact, case studies match well with qualitative research because of the freedom to incorporate multiple data sources.

A generic qualitative inquiry is another common form of qualitative research as it is a feedback-oriented approach. Finally, phenology is the most complicated of the three as it entails using past experiences to gauge the future. If there was a deadly earthquake in Japan in 2006, what is the chance that it will occur again soon? It is not for the faint-hearted.

Quantitative Research

Unlike the former, qualitative research entails detailed empirical investigation of all measurable and observable factors. Statistical analyses to determine the relationship between variable, theory testing and outcome prediction are the three core aspects of this type of dissertation research. Quantitative research is quite broad and sophisticated.

Primary data collection as it is done by the researcher with a sizeable number of assistants necessitates data collection either quantitative data or manually. The researcher in the field is free to set his parameters and the scope of the data collection procedure provided that he meets his targets. However, variables are measured and ascertained using pervasive instruments whose reliability and validity is unquestionable.

After data collection, secondary analysis of the collected data follows.  Many free and publicly available enormous and funded research projects and data repositories make up a bigger percentage of this level of Quantitative research. For a dissertation researcher, this is actually the critical part as time is saved since fieldwork can be ignored altogether.


Before contacting Projectsdeal for a complete dissertation research activity, it is imperative to mention that despite the complexity of the two methods, the questions are the determinants of the most appropriate route. Other factors include the field of research, feasibility, and the population of interest. The parting shot, nevertheless, is that a dissertation is an on-going learning process.





The Four Golden Rules of Academic Writing


Texts, Emails, Letters, Shopping List, Posters, Banners, etc., these are what essentially shape how human live and roam the planet earth. While it is utterly true to mention that each of the several forms of writing must conform to their respective ways and writing rules, one is entirely different from another.

Academic writing is a wholly different niche altogether. It is that style of writing required in Higher Education, and thus must be formal and objective. If you can have a quick glance at Projectsdeal, there is a wealth of information concerning this particular subject. However, for impeccability, several rules ought to be followed to the latter.

They include the following.

  1. Understand what it entails

According to the University of Essex, understanding what is needed of you is the single most important rule into churning out top-notch academic work. Analyse the question by looking at it in its right view to understand it and give it its most appropriate solution. Analysing encompasses breaking it down into smaller, comprehensible, and manageable sections. Keywords carry immense weight and must be identified, understood, and solved.

  1. Plan Your Work

As aforementioned, several rules that must be adhered to govern academic writing and they are just the right ingredients for impeccable work. Akin to the process of writing, planning is highly important and can define how much you will score. Structure your work according to academic writing, jot down your ideas in a seamless manner to create a mind map. As a plus, remember that academic writing is an outward sign of what is you learnt after a given course.

  1. Develop the Correct Writing Style

Your command of English should not be debatable albeit you will enhance your writing style as you grow along the way. Academic writing is devoid of those informal, redundant and colloquial statements. Instead, it contains correctly placed paragraphs, appropriate acronyms, the right tones, and, of course, punctuation at the correct locations. You will learn about such factors as the tone, mood, formatting, and word length along the way. You must remember that developing the correct writing style is as important as the entire assignment.

  1. Proofread To Eliminate the Unnecessary

When all is said and done, the difference between the top quality and run-off content is the petty grammar, syntax, diction, and spelling mistakes. Adopt the habit of proofreading your work prior to submission. According to experienced academicians, a comprehensively done proofreading procedure involves the following.

  • Proofreading your work some hours after completion
  • Reading it louder with a dictionary within reach
  • Using your finger as you read along as it will enhance the whole procedure and uncover any hidden errors therein.
  • Asking a friend or a colleague to do it for you
  • Beware of blanket statements, incorrect punctuation, sentence structuring, as well as wordiness
  • Check your font size and paragraphing


It is utterly right to allude that writing almost all types of academic prospects can be a daunting procedure. For a student, creating meticulous and refined work is never an option. In fact, nobody will ever mention these golden rules to you albeit their significance will not pass unnoticed. You can visit Projectsdeal to grasp and practice them because they go a long way.




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Top Tips for Good Essay Writing


It goes without saying that honing good essay writing skills is paramount to everyone in the world of academia. In fact, the need for excellent essay writing knack is absolute for tutors and their protégés alike.  The good news is that we all have what it takes to be outstanding essay writers; it is only apparent that one works on certain core principles that make up for a high-quality article. If we borrow a leaf from the Lawrence C. Powell, the prolific literature critic, author, and librarian; a good writer should whet what he called the three S’s: “the power to sense, to see, and to say.”

Following the said premise, we can all be in the league of Ernest Hemmingway if we can “see, sense and say.” Here I have picked a few core principles that will guide a novice, or professional writers come up with excellent essays.

Choose the Right Topic

A superior essay topic should, first and foremost, be dead right on point. It calls for proper and thorough understanding of the assignment at hand. Besides, the nature of the task dictates the kind of topic you’ll select for your essay. It’s also paramount that the subject is not too vast lest you write a skewed essay. In fact, the topic should be something fairly recognizable to the writer; the writer shouldn’t have terrible time researching on the subject. In a nutshell, the argument should be as precise as possible.

Adopt Unique Essay Writing Style

While it is crucial to have a model writer, you should refrain from copying someone else’s writing style. First, it’s a great way of avoiding plagiarism, a precarious sin in the realm of essay writing. With your style, you can bring something fresh to the table. For essay markers, original work is a slice of heaven. They will enjoy reading your article as much as awarding you an A+.  That brings us to another tip on original writing: clichés. As cliché as it might seem, it is paramount that you desist from infusing clichés into your essay, or essay writing style.

Be Punctual

As it goes with everything in life, punctuality is the key to writing a holistic essay. Don’t let the deadline beat you; rather beat the deadline. In fact, write immediately, as soon as it is assigned! Needless to say that punctuality affords you ample time to research, draft, write and rewrite your essay. Any essay written in haste is bound to be marred by errors.

Start With A Bang!

An excellent essay should be able to capture the attention of the reader right from the beginning. An enchanting introduction goes a long way to informing your reader in what you’re writing about.

Organize Your Thoughts

Make sure your thoughts and ideas are well organized to make up for a simple essay. Favour familiar and straightforward words over complicated ones lest you derail your reader from the tenet of your essay.

While writing essay can be torturous for some people; you will never go wrong with Projectsdeal. Visit their website today for more information about good essay writing. Even better, get your essay written by professionals at Projectsdeal.

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Report Writing 101: Best Report Editing Tips


Report writing is essentially everywhere nowadays: academia, service industry, business, and entertainment to name a few. While most people breeze through the actual writing of a report, they almost imminently forget the most important step: thorough proof-reading and editing. For your report to qualify as an outstanding piece of writing, it needs to undergo rigorous and careful editing. You will perhaps irk your reader if you don’t fix all those contextual errors and omissions.

More often than not, this vital step in report writing calls for a relaxed and ambient atmosphere. Nonetheless, it should be done cautiously and systematically.  So what goes into proper report editing and proof-reading? While individual writers have dissimilar approaches, today I will walk you through the best techniques utilized by prolific writers.

Produce a Hard Copy

So you have finished your final draft, why not print a copy. It is arguably natural for many people to edit a printout. If you falter while reading your draft, chances are your readers will have a hard time making out your report. Make necessary adjustments. Then reread it.

Keep It Short

Due to nature and resources earmarked for report writing, a draft report is so often too long. Cut back on items that doesn’t add substance to your report.  While you might have enjoyed your research a teensy bit too much, don’t rally your readers. If your readers don’t need to know something, leave it out; if they do, add it.

Shorten Your Sentences and Paragraphs

A perfect paragraph (in a report) comprises 5 to 6 concise sentences; in fact, each sentence should have 20 or fewer words to enhance readability. Short sentences are not only easier to read but are also appealing to a reader.

Use Plain English

Always keep your reader in mind. Try as much as possible to avoid the use of jargon and filler words that would otherwise derail your readers from the main point. You’re not trying to improve your readers’ diction but rather inform them.

Prefer Active to Passive Sentences

If you manage to hone this grammar tip, you will improve the quality of your report immensely. Active sentences are usually brief and more succinct. Writing of a good report calls for about 70% active sentences.

Run It through Checkers

Don’t bypass necessary checks on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Most word editors have inbuilt checkers, but there are myriad checkers online that will provide significant help if utilized wisely.

Take a Final Look

To tighten your report, make necessary adjustments and formatting for your report to be both presentable and appealing. Does the report look outstanding? Read it once more.

As with any writing, particularly lengthy reports, there is bound to be some errors no matter how careful you’re. Cautious and systematic editing and proofreading can go a long way in finding a majority of them. For tips like this, and more, please visit Projectsdeals, the premier leader in report editing, help and writing services.



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