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Challenges face by the students in dissertation writing


However as students start working on the dissertation writing process, they will meet some obvious challenges, and few of these are discussed further;

• Dissertation writing is a different process:

Students must keep in mind that dissertation writing is not the same as writing an essay, or any other sort of article work that they had done before. They are always confused about where to start. And among so many topics it becomes difficult for them to choose the best one for their research.

• Getting Access:

Gaining data access for primary research from organisations and people, become very challenging and time-consuming. The chances are, that first students get permission to access, and then suddenly their agreement gets rejected without knowing the reason.

• Learning new Techniques:

Dissertation process require learning of new techniques and skills even if you’ve written thousands of essays, articles, and literature reviews in the past. Dissertation writing is technically different and demands technical skills like research method chosen by the student either its interviews or focus group discussion, the software that they uses to update their research content by using modern statistics.

• Time pressure:

Dissertation writing along with other weekly assignments is always a tricky job. Students finds difficulty in managing the time. Even six months duration ends up with stressful period and sleepless nights. Remember data collection and writing process require a lot of time that students fail to realize at the start of the session.

• Financial Pressure:

Another challenge that students face while writing dissertation, is the financial burden. Proper research needs a lot of authentic data collection, and that involves travelling cost. However, nowadays most of the students have found a solution to this problem as they make online surveys, use online searching tools for collecting data.

How to Overcome Challenges in Dissertation Writing:

There are a few solutions suggested to students to overcome some common problems in dissertation writing. Such as;

• Narrow down research topic and find the purpose of your research.

• Set some research objectives of your dissertation.

• Do not risk taking things too broad

• Get some technical and academic support from experts whenever it is required.

• After collection of data do not sum up everything together. Go slowly and step by step focus on every aspect of your research problem.

• Set time goals, schedule your study plans otherwise all the due dates of your assignments and dissertation will be bombarded on you in the end.

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Dissertation process checklist


When you are close to the final version of your dissertation you should carefully check it to eliminate errors. It is best to be methodical about the whole process and the following check-list may be helpful.

• Are all pages present, numbered and in the correct order?

• Are all spellings correct?

• Are all formulas correct? Check all subscripts, ionic charges and nesting of brackets.

• Do all headings agree with the contents list in style, number and position?

• Do methodology and introduction actually match?

• Are all tables, figures, schemes and structures mentioned in the text?

• Are all cross-references correct?

• Are all the sections and sub-sections numbered sequentially?

• Are all references numbered correctly and are they in sequential order?

• Are all author and journal names in the reference section spelt/abbreviated correctly?

• Are all mathematical equations numbered sequentially?

• Are all symbols clearly marked?

• Are all tables numbered sequentially?

• Are all figures numbered sequentially?

• Are all structures numbered sequentially?

• Are tables correctly presented? Are the units given in the column headings?

• Is all the text in the correct font?

• Are there any bad line or page breaks that require correction?

• Are all lines consistently spaced?

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Individuals who constantly find this piece of information tangible are undergraduate and those that choose to add more value to their first degree. In order to have a good grade, writing good thesis or dissertation is a prerequisite. Although, most institutions now offers coursework detailing the difference between thesis or dissertation to enhance their students’ performance in preparatory for project write up in their final year, yet understanding the difference appears to be more difficult; probably because of the significant similarities between the two great work or base on the fact that they are mostly used interchangeably. Both thesis and dissertation are heavier and heavier labor intensive and must be treated seriously.

Both documents are similar in structure as they contain an introduction, an overview of literature, body, conclusion, bibliography and appendix.

Basic Differences

  1. Thesis is usually required for a master’s degree while dissertations are usually required for doctorate degrees. However, the ring of confusion with this difference is that some master’s degree do not require thesis but students furthering on a doctorate will be advice to take a master degree that requires knowledge of thesis.
  2. A prove of knowledge acquired throughout your graduate program is established in thesis while dissertation is an opportunity during a doctorate program to showcase an innovative ideas, theories or practices to your field. The point is to achieve a completely new concept, to develop and defend its values.
  3. Thesis laid emphasis on your ability to think critically about a particular subject and discuss the knowledge with in-depth analysis for clear understanding while dissertation, uses research to simply come up with new ideas entirely and test your hypothesis, theory or concept. Most of the information in the dissertation is credible.
  4. In a master’s project the student’s ideas are welcomed and expected but the focus is on obtaining technical expertise, not doing original research while a doctorate degree which makes use of dissertation strongly depend on doing original research. While a thesis should always be composed on an original subject and include your hypothesis, while working alongside an advisor. Dissertations are made up of original insights and collected knowledge that you have accumulated throughout your studies.
  5. Dissertations are usually written separate from your studies and are only reviewed when you submit a draft to one of your peers. Although both require supporting evidence the dissertation is based more on opinion than subject research, while a thesis puts conclusive research ahead of author opinion.
  6. Lastly, there is an obvious difference between the length of thesis and dissertation. Master’s thesis must be at least 100 pages in length, probably a little more than that. However, the doctoral dissertation must be much more, because they include a lot of background research and information with every detail of their proposal and how it got the information. A dissertation is an extremely complex task. You can as well receive guidance from a faculty member who will serve as your dissertation advisor. This advisory will be there to point you in the right direction, if caught, can help locate resources and ensure that your proposal is on the right track.

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Top Essay Writing Services in UK


These days it is imperative for students to write an essay for their university to get good grades. Everybody wants to write the best essay. Students who are assigned an essay for the very first time get stressed out on how would they complete their task on time? Their best solution would be, finding a writer to fulfill the requirement and keeping to university standards and where you can get such is at   Projects deal who are professionals in essay writing in the UK.

Essay writing has certain components such as

  • Writing an exploratory research.
  • Persuasive essays.
  • Analytical essay.
  • Report writing.
  • Research papers and much more.


The main factors and focus before hiring a professional to do your work are:


  • Professionalism: search for a service who have people who take writing as a profession.
  • Knowledge: a service that works for all students of every field. We hire people who have good experience on working in different fields and subjects.
  • Quality: Quality is something that gives your academic grades a rise. Hence Quality should be the main objective from all the service’s writers.
  • Experience: use an essay service with experienced authors to ensure that they know what the trends are and what expectations levels they are to keep.
  • Training and Development: use an essay service that trains their staff regularly to ensure that they keep abreast with the changing mechanisms of the grading and assessment criteria.

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Projectsdeal is charged with the responsibility of using its essay writing service in helping tons of students with editing and writing their assignments. They also consult with students to help get their assignments done and has been helping students with essays for the past seven years through its professional team comprising consultants, editors, and writers. They assign the most appropriate expert to your work. Projectsdeal staffs adhere to strict guidelines to provide you with nothing but the best.

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As well as essays, Projectdeal can help with lab reports, dissertations, thesis statements, and almost any other piece of academic writing you can think of. Whatever you need, they can write it for you. They are the best essay writing service online and have the feedback to prove it. There’s a reason why so many British schools, college, and university students trust Projectsdeal with their assignments.

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Most Popular Essay Writing Service in UK (How we work)


W? are essay writing service that w?? f?rm?d several ???r? ago with th? g??l of ?r?viding students with help on writing ???ignm?nt? ?nd ?th?r difficult ???d?mi? t??k?.

Of ??ur??, th?t i? ?nl? part ?f the ?t?r?! We are ?ur? you want t? kn?w wh? ??u will b? w?rking with when ??u d? business with u?. W?ll, t? ?ut it bluntl?, w? ?r? n?rd?. We ?r? th? kids wh? ??k?d for ?xtr? h?m?w?rk wh?n w? were in school. We li?t?n t? ?du??ti?n?l podcasts. You kn?w all ?f those b??k? ??u w?r? forced t? read in high school? We read those for fun. Y??, w? kn?w th?t m?k?? u? a bit unu?u?l.H?w?v?r, w? h?v? ?mbr???d this, ?nd h?v? d??id?d t? make a living d?ing what we l?v?. That is r??ding, r????r?hing, l??rning, ?nd writing. Th? b??t ??rt i? th?t ??u ??n b?n?fit!

With Pr?j??t?d??l.??.uk :

  • Cu?t?m?r? decide whi?h writ?r i? best f?r each j?b, m?nit?r and ?u??rvi?? writers’ work on orders, ?nd make suggestions to h?l? writers perfect their work t? th?ir full ??ti?f??ti?n.
  • Cu?t?m?r? plan th?ir ?wn budg?t and ?h???? a writ?r in lin? with th? price requested f?r th? j?b, the writer’s CV, professional ?x??ri?n??, and writing skills.
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Wh?t’? more, ?ur ?u?t?m?r? do n?t n??d to commit to a writ?r or ??nd ?n? ???m?nt b?f?r? th?? ??ttl? for a writer wh??? w?rking approach resonates with th?m. Such ?n innovative approach allows u? to ?r??t? ?l??r ??m??titi?n ?m?ng ?ur writ?r? ?nd m?tiv?t?? th?m to work ?t th?ir best.

We’ll g?t the nitty gritty ?tuff out ?f th? w?? fir?t. If you search around our w?b?it?, you will find l?t? of ??nt?nt. There ?r? ??g?? with information ?b?ut our ??rvi??? (m?r? ?n those l?t?r!), lots ?f ??li?? ??g?? (you should r??ll? r??d th???), ?nd our ?rd?r ??g?. But w?it! Th?t’? not all! Remember h?w w? said w? were n?rd?? Th?r?’? lots ?f gr??t ??nt?nt th?t w? ?r? ?ur? ??u will find int?r??ting.W? want you to spend lots of tim? h?r?, ?? ??u will ??? ?n ?v?r gr?wing li?t of bl?g ???t?, videos, inf?gr??hi??, ?nd other interesting ??nt?nt d??ign?d ????ifi??ll? f?r ??ll?g? students. Even wh?n ??u ?r?n’t in th? m?rk?t f?r ???d?mi? h?l?, ?t?? by ?nd d? a bit ?f r??ding!

Our Services

W? writ? ????r? ?nd help ?tud?nt? with ?th?r ???d?mi? w?rk. H?r? i? a brief li?t of our services:

  • Di???rt?ti?n? ?nd Th??i?

Y?ur thesis ?r di???rt?ti?n represents some of th? m??t im??rt?nt w?rk ??u will do in ??ur ???d?mi? career. It will also b? a d?t?rmining factor in the tr?j??t?r? of ??ur career and ??ur academic path. W? have Phd l?v?l writ?r? wh? ??n ?r?vid? ??u with assistance f?r ???h ?nd ?v?r? step ?? you t?k? l?b?r t?w?rd? ??m?l?ting th??? lif? ?h?nging works.

  • E?????

Whether ??u ?r? a ?tud?nt taking Engli?h 101 ?r a gr?du?t? student, ?????? ?r? ??rt and parcel of life f?r college ?tud?nt?. Wh?n ??u are too busy, ?v?rwh?lm?d, ?r ?truggling t? und?r?t?nd a t??i?, ?ur writers will b? h???? t? h?l?.

  • Research P???r?

B?tw??n th? tim? spent r????r?hing, taking notes, writing, editing, ?nd making ?ur? ??ur ?it?ti?n? are formatted ju?t right, it ??n take hours to ?hurn ?ut a r????r?h ????r. In ??m? ?????, you ??uld ???nd d??? ?n this t??k! W? have team m?mb?r? wh? ??n write research papers f?r you on ?n? t??i? ?t any gr?d? l?v?l.

  • T?rm P???r?

Alth?ugh th?? aren’t ?? popular ?? ?????? ?nd r????r?h papers, m?n? students ?till ??nt??t us n??ding help with their t?rm ????r?. It’s n? wonder, th? task ?v?r g?th?ring together ?v?r?thing ??u have l??rn?d ?nd all of th? n?t?? ??u have taken in a ?l???, then figuring ?ut wh?t ??u n??d t? remember is m?r? th?n a littl? intimid?ting. F?rtun?t?l?, our writ?r? ??n h?l?.

It takes tw? characteristics t? b? a ?u?????ful ???d?mi? writ?r. First, you h?v? t? have ?du??ti?n and ?x??ri?n?? in ??ur fi?ld. Then, you have to h?v? n?tur?l writing talent. W? in?i?t u??n b?th of th??? when w? hir? writers.An?tim? you h?v? ?n active project with u?, ??u will be ?bl? t? interact with ??ur writ?r directly. This m??n? th?t ??u will be able t? ?ign into your customer account, th?n ??nd and r???iv? messages with ??ur writer. Y?u will kn?w the status ?f your assignment fr?m the tim? ??u ?l??? ??ur ?rd?r until th? fin?l ?r?j??t is finished.

We Have a L?t t? Offer

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H?w D??? it W?rk?

Th?t’? ????!

  • Fill ?ut th? ?rd?r form

Provide all necessary ??nt??t d?t? that will h?l? us to g?t in t?u?h with ??u in ???? of any ?u??ti?n? or ?l?rifi??ti?n? n??d?d

  • Tell u? ?b?ut ??ur writing ???ignm?nt

Put in as mu?h d?t?il?d in?tru?ti?n ?? ????ibl?. M?k? ?ur? th?t your writ?r? will g?t the ??m?l?t? understanding of the ?r?j??t you order.

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Economics of Proofreading


In terms of the economics of proofreading, it can be said that it is not at all cost effective. The reason being volume or unpredictable workflow that prevents proofreaders from managing time. It can be said that large volumes of works do not allow finishing works in a hurry. It also means that volumes and deadlines are strictly managed within this job.

Oftentimes, proofreading is required to be finished within a short period of time. This can be assumed as quite demanding as identifying errors along with offering views on why they are termed as errors can be a demanding and time consuming task.

In many cases, proofreading is further fastened mainly because of the fact that further work may come anytime soon. This means that proofreaders are supposed to finish their work before the deadline in order to be prepared for further future works. This can be assumed as a demanding task. In a hurried environment, there is every possibility of quality being affected. This means that quality of work can be compromised by proofreaders when the pressure is high. This again is not ideal for readers as the quality suffers in the end. Once the quality falls below the expectations, there is every possibility of readers being affected in terms of reading the content (Kirton and Macmillan, 2007).

This can be considered as a negative situation and focus should be on quality of work rather than the quantity. There are also issues with the use of technology considering the fact that printing of papers requires papers and ink and when the quantity and volume is high, there is considerable wastage of paper and ink. In cases of reprints, there is also an increase in the cost of production and overtime cost. In case of works being delivered late, there is every possibility of losing the tasks and opportunities and thus affecting the revenue scales.

In such cases, it can be said that proofreading needs to be made a systematic process where the focus should be on enhancing the quality of content. There should be clarity on deadlines and quantity of works should not affect the quality of work. Only this situation will help in adding value to the proofreading framework. Thus, it can be said that the economics of proofreading is quite critical highlighting the fact that there needs to be great deal of balance between the quality and quantity. This will only ensure that proofreaders are not burdened with the responsibility of fastened submission of work along with making sure that errors are rectified and work is qualified for the purpose of publishing and printing (Jackson, 2005).

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With each passing year, Projectsdeal is rising in popularity and solidifying its place as the top go-to company for everyone who is searching for dissertation writing services in the United Kingdom.

And this isn’t a coincidence. Projectsdeal hits every item on the list when you’re thinking about what a trustworthy writing services provider should offer.

It’s common knowledge that writing a dissertation is both one of the hardest and most important parts of a student’s academy life-cycle. This is why it’s crucial to find the best assistance you can when it comes to this moment. While you can still write an assignment without hiring someone on the outside, it’s extremely hard to complete a dissertation without at least some help from a professional writing service. This is especially true for students who happen to be studying in the UK, as the desired quality here is on an entirely different level than what professors demand in other countries.

Of course, there are tons of other valid options out there, some new companies show up every day. Yet with over fifteen years of experience, Projectsdeal has perfected its formula and in we have become the most reliable company amongst our competitors when it comes to dissertation writing services in the UK.
Even more so, because of the sheer size of our operation, Projectsdeal offers its customers a large variety of packages, which are carefully crafted for different needs. Everything is up to the client: the deadline, the number of revisions, the frequency of receiving status updates and the size of the dissertation – literally everything. And in the end, you’re guaranteed to receive a professional, plagiarism free written work that will most surely meet your expectations.

The different packages also allow students with a smaller budget to get an expert-level dissertation as well. Meanwhile, there are dozens of extra finer touches that can be added that will surely blast the work into another dimension for people that can afford to spend a little more.

Unlike other services that often tend to limit themselves to a specific subject (e.g. they only write dissertations about Physics, Literature or Law), Projectsdeal will help you with your dissertation no matter your field of study or the academic level.
While some companies may be inclined to help you, only if you still have months to go until the deadline, saying that they won’t be able to provide a satisfying result earlier, here at Projectsdeal, our professionals can create a top-quality dissertation for you in under a month.

Among other advantages that the Projectsdeal dissertation writing service offers is the constant, on-time coordination between you and your dedicated project manager. All the information can be found on our well-structured website that goes into great detail explaining the specifics of what you can expect from us, as well as providing examples of the previously written dissertations, giving you a chance to make sure that you’re making the right choice.

It also should be noted that Projectsdeal has dozens of highly qualified employees that help us work on a vast variety of different tasks, such as essays, course works, theses and assignments, thus even further broadening the people we attract to our UK writing services.

Adding to everything else, Projectsdeal actually backs up all the boasting with simple, yet immensely impressive statistics – over 82% of our clients end up receiving Merits and Distinctions, meaning that you’re almost guaranteed to succeed.

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Dissertation Writing S?rv????


Higher ?du??t??n ?tud?nt? often n??d d????rt?t??n h?l?. It ?? one of the most daunting tasks ?t ??ll?g? and ??n m?k? or break a d?gr??, which m?k?? d????rt?t??n h?l? ?ru???l. It r??u?r?? t?m?, ?xt?n??v? r????r?h and systematic ?n?l?t???l ?b?l?t?. M??t ?tud?nt? have t? multitask b?tw??n ?ubj??t? ?nd th?r?f?r? may n?t b? ?bl? t? ?r??r?t?z? th??r d????rt?t??n. M?r??v?r, ?n?uff????nt kn?wl?dg? ?f ???t?m?t?? r????r?h methodology ?nd r???gn?z?d f?rm?tt?ng of the d????rt?t??n paper can und?rm?n? a ?tud?nt’? work. Du? t? th??? factors, they have t? ???k ?r?f?????n?l h?l? for a g??d d????rt?t??n.

Students do n?t ?lw??? know wh?r? th?? can ???k th?? help. H?w?v?r, f?nd?ng a ?r?f?????n?l ???d?m?? wr?t?r ?nl?n? ?? n?t ?? hard or costly as it may f?r?t seem. H?r?ng a dissertation ?d?t?r ?nl?n? ?? l?k? any other ??rv????. The ?r?v?d?r? are v?r? ?k?ll?d ?n their ??rt??ul?r f??ld and th??r ?x??r??n?? m??n? th?? are well ???u?t?m?d to completing th??r task w?th?n th? required time.

Pr?f?????n?l ?x??rt???

Th? d????rt?t??n writing services UK ?r?v?d?r? ?r? ?r?f?????n?l? within th??r field, w?th ?ut?t?nd?ng kn?wl?dg? ?nd experience. They ?r? v?r? mu?h ?d??t ?n m?k?ng ?l?n?, ?rg?n?z?ng th? research ?nd ??m????t??n, f?rm?tt?ng, ?r??fr??d?ng and ?d?t?ng ???d?m?? ?rt??l??. Th?? are equally ?k?ll?d ?n r????r?h methodology and l?t?r?tur? review. H?n?? a client can b? sure ?f a very g??d d????rt?t??n ?f th?? h?v? ?h???n ?n ???r??r??t? d????rt?t??n ?d?t?r.

Th? dissertation ?d?t?r?’ ?x??r??n?? g??? b???nd ???d?m?? ?u?l?f???t??n. Th?? ?r? ?d??t at ??mmun???t??n. A? th? ??rv??? ?? provided online, ??nt??t ?? kept ???? and ideas ??n b? ?h?r?d ?t th? ?l??k ?f a butt?n.

L?k?w???, clients can be ???ur?d that th??r d????rt?t??n ?d?t?r will not ?l?g??r?z?. Pl?g??r??m ?? a great ?r?bl?m f?r any dissertation, ?nd may ?v?n ??u?? th? ??n??ll?t??n ?f a d?gr??. Stud?nt? ?r? naturally w?r? of this. A ?r?f?????n?l d????rt?t??n help ?r?v?d?r w?ll be w?ll ?w?r? ?f th? issue ?nd k??n t? ?r?gr??? th? ?tud?nt ?l??nt’? academic ?u????? honestly.

Correct f?rm?tt?ng

D????rt?t??n h?l? t??m? are w?ll-v?r??d ?n d?ff?r?nt r???gn?z?d writing formats. They ??n handle v?r??u? styles like APA, Ch???g? and so ?n w?th ????. Th?? can also m?k? ??rr??t r?f?r?n??? ????rd?ng t? the ?h???n f?rm?t?.

G??d Value

Th? ?r??? f?r th?? ??rv??? ?? ?u??t r????n?bl? for th? client. Competition ?n the Internet m??n? th?t online ??rv??? providers n??d t? offer ?n ?ttr??t?v? price to r??l ?l??nt? ?n. A ?l??nt can enjoy th? opportunity t? choose b?tw??n ?r?v?d?r? for a price that ?u?t? th??r budg?t.

Wh?l? money m?? ?r?v? th? m??t important issue ?t h?nd, ??v?ng t?m? is ?l?? v?r? ?m??rt?nt for students w?th a lot ?f w?rk ?n th??r plate. H?r?ng a ?r???rl? dependable d????rt?t??n help ??n g?v? th?m r?l??f ?nd let th?m u?? th??r v?lu?bl? t?m? ?n ??m? other t??k?. For a student client, th? advantages ?f hiring a dissertation ?d?t?r speak f?r th?m??lv??.


Which Is The Best Plagiarism Detection Tool?


Plagiarism usually in dissertation, or other writing, refers to the unauthorized use of someone else’s idea(s) or wording(s) without giving the original author or publisher credit for their work. It is a terrible thing to do and could warrant the unacceptance of the work or even the disqualification of the student. When you write a dissertation, you or your hired professional writing services have to pay attention to plagiarism and avoid it at all costs.

There are various tools on the market that could help you or your professional writing services to discern a phrase or work that contains plagiarism. The same tools are also applicable to teachers who are marking the work of students. All the plagiarism detection tools in the market at the moment provide different functionalities and parameters for plagiarism detection. It is therefore advisable that, especially for a coursework writing service, at least two plagiarism checkers are used. The best plagiarism detection tools in the market according to quality, performance and reviews are;


This tool is especially great since it offers a great edge especially for online dissertation writing. Quetext is absolutely free to download and use. It does not have a limit as to how much work can be checked for plagiarism all at once. Some plagiarism detection tools usually limit there checking parameters. Similarly, it does not limit the number of times in a day, that you can check and re-check any work. The tool checks for plagiarism against about 10 billion documents in the database which means it is good for online and offline usage. This tool also offers a comparison window at the side of the checked worked which is great for the coursework writing service to determine exactly where the plagiarism is and effectively rectify it. One disadvantage of this plagiarism checker, and one that may not be so much of a problem for professional writing services as opposed to a single individual, is the fact that it is only available for Microsoft Windows OS.


Plagtracker is one of the free and paid plagiarism checkers available on the market. As an individual when you write a dissertation, you are almost always going to write just one so you would not really require most of the services offered for the paid Plagtracker. For professional writing services and teachers on the other hand, the paid for version would be most ideal. The free version offers a database of about 20 million documents while the paid version, at $ 14.99 a month, offers a whole lot more. The paid version also has grammar check functions which is great for a coursework writing service.

Write Check

Write Checker is a plagiarism detection tool designed by Turnitin. It is a paid for tool with a database of about a million documents. Write Check is the tool used by Projects Deal and features a grammar check as well as a similarity check that highlights the documents and analyses the document for proper citation.

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