Literature Review

Objective of Literature Review

A literature review is an essential component of a research project. It is a systematic and critical examination of existing research on a specific topic, issue, or problem. The main objective of a literature review is to identify, evaluate, and synthesize existing research on the topic being studied, in order to provide a comprehensive and …

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Tips for writing a literature review dissertation or thesis?

When undertaking the task of writing a literature review for a dissertation or thesis, a strategic and methodical approach is paramount. Begin by conducting a comprehensive survey of existing scholarly works relevant to your research topic, summarizing key concepts, methodologies, and findings. Organize the literature based on themes, trends, or theoretical frameworks, allowing for a …

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Best Structure for Dissertation

A dissertation is the most important writing you will do in your study program. It is not a wonder therefore, that it can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake. To make it less daunting and more easily tackled, make a plan that will keep it manageable. This will help you in selecting the area …

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